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Welcome to LionMail - The Inclusive Namespace Mail Hub
Web Based EMail Service for Less than $1/Month
Today is July 17, 2024 At 22:35:17

LionMail is a low cost web based email service that provides email addresses that end in .LION such as joe@big.LION or jane@she.LION for less than $1/month.

Each email account comes with up to FIVE e-mail addresses - enough for the whole family. Each email address has its own password and mailbox.

Lion-Mail is a private E-Mail system that is spam-resistant. Most spammers cannot reach your Lion-Mail address. Create an account today and communicate with your family and friends on a PRIVATE e-mail system without the junk mail cluttering your inbox!

LionMail accounts are $2.99 for three months or $10.99 per year, payable through PayPal

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